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S. Andrew Swann is the pen name of Steven Swiniarski. He’s married and lives in the Greater Cleveland area where he has lived all of his adult life. He has a background in mechanical engineering and— besides writing— works as a Database Manager for one of the largest private child services agencies in the Cleveland area. He has published over 20 novels since 1993. Currently he is working on the Dragon* series for DAW books, the first of which, Dragon•Princess, came out May 2014. The second, Dragon•Thief is expected in 2015.

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The Light and the Dark

Some disconnected but related ideas that are circling around my head.

  1. Robin Williams died. He was a great comic. But I’ve always really, really liked him as a dramatic actor. He will always be known for his manic energy and the improvisation, but when he was given the chance to act, he could give you chills. (see his work in Insomnia, seriously.) One wonders what he could have done if he’d been given the role of the Joker back in the Tim Burton era.
  2. One of the most common bits of praise I’ve heard about Guardians of the Galaxy is how it avoids the whole “grimdark” aesthetic that has infected many superhero movies. This despite the characters’ backstories, and their status as criminals, thugs and assassins. The plot, in fact, is not really all that light hearted, which sort of reminds me of. . .
  3. Doctor Who, which I’ve finally caught up with on Netflix. I can’t think of any other dramatic work that manages to balance the elements of light and dark so seamlessly. And the pits of darkness is goes into (I mean, genocide is a recurring theme. It can get dark.) wouldn’t be nearly as effective if it wasn’t for the frivolity, the humor, and the joy the various Doctors bring to the table. (And vice versa)

All of which is sort of a round-about way of saying that if you’re writing something light, don’t forget the darkness.

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